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In South Africa, many people from around the world began to focus sharply on the HIV/AIDS pandemic when former President Mr. Nelson Mandela became a devoted promoter of HIV/AIDS awareness openly. This was mainly because his only son Makgatho Mandela, age 54 years old, died from an AIDS related illness.

There are thousands of young orphans left by their deceased parents with no one available to care for them in South Africa. Many grandparents have absolutely no income and no food to feed and cloth children that were left behind by their parents, who died from the HIV/AIDS virus.

Please read this true story about HIV/AIDS

With tears in her eyes an African girl 10 years old talks about her parents who recently died from HIV/AIDS. She was forced to quit school in order to care for her two brothers and ailing grandmother. She craves her deceased mother's love, her singing and special cooking, and her deceased father's strength, stories about his childhood, and devoted protection of the family. She knows little about raising a family and literally nothing about what HIV/AIDS is, or how her parents ever got this deadly disease in the first place. She cries and cries about her granny's unstable state of mind. Whats going to happen to them, and who can they go to?

Granny is rapidly growing more and more depressed, always discussing her beloved daughter's untimely death caused by that "nasty killer disease HIV/AIDS she screams," and your father she adds, lefted us with absolutely nothing to live on! How did this happen to us she cries?

Where can a child 10 years of age find a suitable income and/or employment to provide for her new responsibilities as now, head of household? Where does she find food and clothing for her two brothers, her grandmother and herself? Who is going to take care of this 10 year old girl's needs as she grows into a young woman? How will the other children and granny survive illnesses? This 10 year girl has become the head of household like so many other young children," by default."

The millions of dying people in Africa are human beings. They have hearts that beat, souls that soar, minds that grow. They live and love, they work hard to survive, and they are people first, like you and me.

Of the 40 million people infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide, about 75 percent (30 million) live on the African continent. Today, in sub-Saharan Africa, one out of three people are HIV positive.

Africa has 11 million AIDS orphans just like this 10 year old little girl. HIV/AIDS is an illness spread primarily by sexual contact. But it is also passed on by contaminated medical equipment (like needles), from mother to child at birth, and through breastfeeding (which by itself accounts for 1,400 new cases per day).

It was once perceived as a homosexual disease, a drug user's disease, or a prostitute's problem, and therefore many people distanced themselves from the problem. But now they can see that it is from a new born baby's problem, to teenage and young adults, to men and women of every class, religious belief, nationality, educational background and employment background's problem. HIV/AIDS exist in every single country in the world.

HIV/AIDS has been in existence for over 25 years and yet there is no cure. But people around the world have not and will not give up on helping others!
When you help anyone with this deadly disease you have chosen to be an important part of the solution like former President Nelson Mandela chose to do. He learned the importance and appreciates the gravity of protecting as many people as possible, through whatever means available to us here and now, from this deadly disease. PLEASE DONATE

Frequent Group Meetings and the distribution of Condoms along with updated materials on what HIV/AIDS is, its impact on society, and its stymatization is imperative for all households in every community throughout the world.

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