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"African children need something more than a dream, they need a superior education".                          DONATE

During the Apartheid regime in The Republic of South Africa, over 17 million black South Africans were never allowed to read, nor own books, out of a population of over 30.5 million black people.  This accounts for the large illiteracy deficit that is prevalent and continues to prevail in the poorest of poor South African communities.

Education and Literacy Fund For Africa is establishing schools in Umtata, located in the Eastern Cape Province in The Republic of South Africa.  These model primary schools will set a new standard in education for poor South African children living in rural areas.

The schools will be tuition free for children from Kindergarten through Twelfth grades, with special focus on Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology. Our advanced curriculum options for higher grade students will include basic finance, credit management and banking, agricultural and environmental sciences, digital media and information sciences.

We also address the needs of the poorest communities suffering with HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, by offering programs on prevention, treatment, awareness, testing and stigma sensitivity. We offer free immunization against preventable diseases, free prenatal care and free daycare.

EDUCATION AND LITERACY FUND FOR AFRICA is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization based in the United States of America, with an office in Umtata, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa where our programs are located.

We are Nurturing & Stimulating the Young African leaders of tomorrow!

from ABCs & google, facebook, twitter to algebra.geometry. chemistry. science.electronics.and much more.....
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